How to Save Money on Your Marketing

As a small business there is very little money in the budget for PR, marketing and communications, so why not do it yourself?

There are many things that you need to consider when you start a new business, but one of the most important things you need to think about is both your communications and PR. There are several things that a small company can do to raise their profile. Don’t believe what the media business tells you, you can do your own PR.

The steps that you need to take are simple and sometimes the most important thing you need to do is be contactable. Teleconferencing is a great way to make your business mobile and the first step you need to take before embarking on your PR adventure. Decide which telephone number you are going to use on everything. That way when your PR starts to work you can be there to reap the benefits.

There is no such thing as bad publicity. This is a very true comment, although when you are confronted with a negative story about your business you need to be prepared. Never, whatever the circumstances, say ‘no comment’, this gives a journalist free rein on the story. If you are confronted by a journalist say that you are doing everything in your power to rectify the situation and that you hope the problem will be sorted soon. You could even add that you are sorry for any inconvenience and that you hope to return to your normal standard of providing excellent customer service soon. Obviously it depends on the situation, but you should always provide the press with the accurate information on how you are hoping to solve the problem.

A lot of businesses are afraid of the media, but there is no need to be. With the decline of traditional press a lot of the local newspapers are running with a reduced staff. So there is no better time to get your business into the press. Obviously you have to have a story, but this is not as difficult as it seems. If you write a press release about starting up your business and the gap you saw in the local market, then you have a good chance of getting it published. Another way to get into the press is to hold an event for charity, tell the paper about it and they will probably put it in the ‘what’s on section’ of the paper. Have you moved to new premises? Or employed more people? Newspapers love stories about success of local businesses and increases in local jobs.

There has been an increase in the use of social media by businesses and this is a great way to connect to your customers. Just make sure that what you are publishing has worth for your followers, they don’t want to know that it is raining or what you are having for lunch. Instead you should be publishing news about the company, where people can buy your goods, or any offers you have on at the moment. Make sure you present a business face and you will find that social media can work for you.

Being contactable and making sure that people can contact you whilst on the move is incredibly important in the modern day market. is a great facility, which will help you with your telecommunications, and it is free. The free iPhone app will also keep you in touch while on the move.

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