How passion for a product can lead to a full-time business

Lisa joined Simply Naturals two years ago. Married to an Army Officer, Lisa was looking for a home based business that would endure through the two yearly cycle of house moves associated with frequent postings.

LisaWhen Lisa discovered the Simply Naturals Business Opportunity, it really was the answer to her prayers. This was a British Company that with a unique flagship product, ‘Sizzling Minerals’, that Lisa could become passionate about, and it knew its market well. This wonderful product was changing peoples’ lives and the testimonials were nothing short of amazing.

Lisa’s background is in Nutrition. As a former State Registered Dietitian and former Team GB athlete, she is passionate about health and wellness. Lisa decided to join Simply Naturals and started taking the Sizzling Minerals to experience the positive health benefits herself.

Her brother, Alister, experienced such a boost to his health after taking ‘Sizzling Minerals’, despite a demanding shift work pattern, that he was eager to join the business and spread the word too. An airline pilot and former Royal Marines Officer, Alister was looking for business that would provide an additional income stream that would endure beyond his working life as a pilot.

Another reason that Lisa and Alister decided to get involved with Simply Naturals is because they knew of the Directors, Eric Cole and Peter Willoughby. Eric and Peter were the first and fastest to NMD (National Networking Director) with Utility Warehouse Warehouse Discount Club. Eric and Peter’s reputation is second to none, which is reflected in the Simply Naturals business model. To read the inspirational story of their rise in Utility Warehouse, go to:

Peter and Eric used their experience as former ground floor MLM distributors to design a business that provides a unique, ethical health product for customers, coupled with a generous compensation plan for distributors who are serious about the business. This includes a free car, and mortgage payments. Not only are each of these achievable, they are not mutually exclusive.

Lisa and Alister are continuing to build and support a substantial team of distributors, the ‘Simply Flying Team’. They are passionate about embracing diversity and supporting people to develop their Simply Naturals business in their own way. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in this business and the distributors and the team members are a testament to this.

When Lisa and Alister became distributors, their initial aim was to cover the monthly cost of the Sizzling Minerals purchase of £23.97. Unlike other network marketing businesses, there was no need to spend large amounts of money each month on additional products just to qualify for commissions.

The Multi-Level Marketing, network or referral marketing industry is worth over $200 billion annually worldwide and like many businesses is changing rapidly due to the ‘communications revolution’. The traditional methods for growing this type of business are now augmented by many new digital possibilities which means that people can choose from a range of online and offline methods to grow a business in a way that performs for them when and how they want. If they are not comfortable with this, the traditional methods of getting out on foot, handing out leaflets and talking to people remain highly effective. You don’t need to be a ‘tech geek’ to succeed in this business! Alister and Lisa don’t ask that their new team members follow their techniques or schemes, they merely show them what they have done to create passive residual income in their lives. The rest is down to their team members’ freewill.

Lisa is a Simply Naturals Senior Manager and can be contacted on 0800 024 87 85

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