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National Union of Teachers: Education Cuts Harm Us All

Commenting on the recent Comprehensive Spending Review, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said;
“The cuts announced in the Government’s spending review are a retrograde step and will have a devastating impact on vital public services, including education.
“The Government may talk about protecting schools, but schools are not [...]

Web site launched as a one-stop-shop resource about the Comprehensive Spending Review

Advanced Computer Software Group plc (Advanced) has announced the launch of, a ‘one stop shop’ resource about the Comprehensive Spending Review.
The Comprehensive Spending Review 2010, which will be announced on 20 October 2010, will deliver significant public sector budget cuts, forcing Government departments and public sector organisations to make spending cuts of up to [...]


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  • Will HSBC move its headquarters outside the UK? April 24, 2015
    The largest of the UK's banks HSBC has announced it's considering moving its headquarters out of London and setting up shop overseas. The bank cited UK taxes and regulations that have been imposed over the past few years. We speak to Philip Augar.Plus, two years ago today, the collapse of the eight-storey Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh c […]

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  • In Business: Circular Economy April 23, 2015
    As Dame Ellen MacArthur circumnavigated the globe she got first-hand knowledge of the finite nature of the world's resources. When she retired from sailing she created a foundation to promote the concept of a 'Circular Economy' - where resources are re-used and waste reduced to zero. Many companies around the world - including some of the bigg […]
  • Global Business: What’s Ailing Argentina 23 Apr 15 April 23, 2015
    Businesses in Argentina say they suffer from too much red tape, rampant inflation and import restrictions. Middle class Buenos Aires residents say the cost of everyday goods in supermarkets makes life difficult. Peter Day hears from business leaders with innovative solutions and a former government minister tells him how he is saddened by the country’s cur […]

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  • MoneyBox: Ending a Relationship 22 Apr 15 April 22, 2015
    How do you sort out money, property and child maintenance when a relationship ends? Splitting up your finances when a relationship ends can cause a great deal of uncertainty. You may be anxious about where you will live, supporting your children or how you will manage with less money. If you want advice about the process and cost of splitting up or p […]

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  • YYHighlights: Children's Mental Health and Pledgefunding
    We hear the arresting stories from two You and Yours listeners about the difficulties many young people are facing with depression and other emotional problems. Plus, how pledge-funding can support your favourite act to release an album without a record label.